Cry of soul part 1
As you can see, I have become not very active with offline content lately. I spent most of my time online broadcasts (but making offline content easier for me). this is bad, very bad. I will never achieve my goal if I am lazy. what is it about?
I want to make high-quality videos. with a little plot. shot like a little movie. I realized that the content level “hello, so I am ass oil. here I masturbate in the bathroom "is not for me. I want to grow and move on. I want to create beautiful and interesting porn that will be breathtaking, and where peoples will not rewind the video to the middle. where you will be passionate about what is happening on the screen. I want to leave my own house and start shooting on the street, renting different apartments, invent new stories, situations and play them. for this I need a lot of effort, money, other people (operator, makeup artist, stylist, editor). I have these people. in my head is full of ideas that will be interesting 100%
One problem- I’m need high quality CAMERA

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