I’m a totally French lover !!!!
They looks so beautiful , gentle and graceful. But 2-3 years ago I preferred long sharp bright nails with a huge amount of design lol
Are u like beautiful nails on girls? I hope yes 🙌🏼
I always want to have good nails, clear skin, clear hairs and etc .. perfection in all
Good morning!

Today I need to visit the store to select a video camera. and then pick up my order with new heels 👠
Yes, I have dirty mirror, but who care? 😗
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I’m a pretty bit nervous , cuz tomorrow I will remove all fillers from upper lip (finally) and I’ll say goodbye to my fake lips 🙌🏼
I don’t know what it means, but lately I’ve become very selective and calm trying to change myself (I refused to have long sharp nails, preferring a short square with a neat french, stopped wear my terrible pale blue lenses, and now remove the remains of the filler from the upper lip)
✌🏼 Good luck to me hahah
... than nude girl in ur bed?
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