Cry of soul part 2
Time runs. when should i try, if not now? This month my goal is to buy 4k quality camera and start shooting. when my work begins to pay off, I will begin to improve the content, attracting more and more people to create it. coming up with all the more interesting stories.
Not at this moment in my head about 5 ideas that I would like to implement. one of them requires about 10 people and a rented charter 😂😂 YEA IM TOTALY CRAZY about interesting and BEAUTIFUL porn. It’s ART, not just instincts. Any thing can be shown beautifully!
why I do not want to just go to the casting and go to act in some agency? because - the king of my ideas. and I want to do exactly as I see it.

So every tip on my streams, every $ from buying my content will bring me closer to the goal.
I will focus on 3к $ now, idk how much can cost good 4K cam, but I can start from this.
I hope that you will soon see the difference and you will really like what I will do.

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